NAPOOLiONE 1.5 x 35mm F/1.7 MFT


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Anamorphic lens – NAPOOLiONE 1.5 x 35mm F/1.7 MFT for cameras with 2x crop factor (Panasonic, BMPCC, BM)!

As well as this version of the lens can be on Board with a lens block of 50 mm. That is, it is a NAPOOLiONE 1.5 x 50mm, and it will be suitable for SONY, CANON, RED, Fujifilm, Panasonic, BMPCC, BM, etc. cameras with a crop factor of 1.5 x or more.


1. SINGLE FOCUS anamorphic lens!

2. Anamorphic factor-1.5 x

3. Minimum focal length-80cm

4. Filter thread M82

5. non-rotating helicoid (linear movement of the module lenses)

6. Gear of the helix has a standard module -0.8 (for all follow focus) the rotation speed from infinity to near focus is 180grd.

7. A ring for fine adjustment of infinity.

8. The aperture ring.

9. The weight of the lens – 1kg 360g.

Delivery is not included in the price! The cost of delivery depends on your location and is paid separately before shipment.

Production time 2 month after payment
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Exemple on Panasonic GH4 (2x mode)

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