NAPOOLiONE 1.33x Compact.


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TERM of MANUFACTURING up to 1 month!
NAPOOLiONE 1.33 x Compact is an anamorphic attachment based on 35NAP (trimmed) and a special focusing module.
Suitable for all cameras!
Anamorphic coefficient – 1.33 x
Front thread for filters M77
Weight – 800g.

The angle of coverage for NAPOOLiONE 1.33 xCompact:
On camera with crop factor 2x (GH4 for example) and Meike 35mm f/1.7 MC lens (it has 36grd angle. horizontal) when using NAPOOLiONE 1.33 xCompact angle is = 56grd.
If you compare with the full frame, it is close to the angle of the lens with the focal 40mm.
Here is an example where the full frame is set 37mm lens (MIR 1V) can be seen that the horizontal angle is slightly wider.
Angle coefficient: 40 divided by 35 = 1.14
This value (1.14 x) is now useful for calculating which lens is equivalent to the full frame.
For example
35mm with NAPOOLiONE 1.33 xCompact * 1.14 x = 40mm on full frame
50mm with NAPOOLiONE 1.33 xCompact * 1.14 x = 57mm on full frame


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